Welcome to Attilio’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for traditional great food, friendly service, lively crowds, why not start by heading over to Attilio’s. Then vision a cozy main dining room where each table has a small decorative lamp on it, next to a menu with over 60 classic Italian dishes. As soon as you enter Attilio’s, you will be greeted by a skillful and intelligent staff that is ready to serve you and inform you about the daily specials. They will let you know about the lunch and dinner options. If you come in for lunch, you will enjoy a variety of choices from pastas, pizza, steak, lobster, citrus salads, caesar salads, wraps and paninis.  Stop in for dinner and try our famous appetizers, like fried calamari, caramelized shrimp, stuffed cherry peppers, Italian bleeker street greens, and fried meatballs. For your main course, try some of our signature dishes from our family’s old world recipes where each dish is made from scratch.